Glossy Lamp Black Buffet

Glossy furniture is not my usual style but  after painting this piece my mind might be changed. I posted a photo on my Facebook page & the words chic and glamorous were used a few times. I like those descriptions.

lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet 9

I was hired by a local interior designer named Patrice Munden to makeover a buffet and a few other pieces. Some pieces were going in lobby of a local business she is redesigning and this buffet is going to her booth in an antique gallery. I love working with her. Make sure to check out her website.

I think black can be very hard to paint. The color can be unforgiving but I love a challenge! I don’t have a before picture but I do have plenty of after photos.


lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet 10

lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet

lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet.

lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet 6

lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet 19

lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet 23

lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet 16

lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet 14

lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet 12

I adore these flowers I got from Trader Joe’s. They were mixed in with a bouquet I bought. They look like weeds but I think they are perfect.
helen nichole designs_flowers

lamp black_glossy_painted_buffet 1

lamp black _glossy_buffet_

In person, I don’t think it looks as glossy. There is a lot of natural light in this room and there was a little bit of reflection. In person, I think it looked amazing!

lamp black glossy buffet helen nichole designs 

I used General Finishes lamp black and I sealed with Minwax polyurethane in clear gloss. I used the spray poly to apply the top coat. I used thin coats but kept a foam brush handy to even out the finish. I recommend working fast if you use a foam brush.

There is also a sofa table, a large mirror and two chairs that were included in this order but it was difficult to stage all of the pieces so I kept it simple. You can see the two chairs (still awaiting to be upholstered) in the first picture.

Are you a lover of glossy furniture?
I may have crossed over to that side!


6 thoughts on “Glossy Lamp Black Buffet

  1. Terry says:

    Stunning piece! Well done! Glossy is lovely but not on everything… You have chosen the perfect piece/style for glossy! Love how you styled it !

    • admin says:

      Hi Terry, Thank you so much! I think I work harder on staging then he actual painting. Okay, that might be a little exaggerated but you know what I mean. It means a lot that you noticed the styling!

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