Inspired Color: Mustard Changing Table

 I’ve worked with Krista for a couple of years now. We met when she was pregnant with her first baby boy and I painted furniture for his nursery. She took some amazing family photos for us when I was pregnant with our second baby. Our friendship revolves around babies!
Krista is having her second baby soon and she asked me to help with the changing table.

 She wanted something older with lots of detail. I found something on Craigslist and it looked great when I picked it up. There were a few spots that needed attention but nothing to labor intensive. Turns out a lot of the veneer was loose and chipping off. I took the veneer off the top and off of the drawers.
 By the time I was done, Krista had a brand new dresser….including a new top.
Krista went back and forth on the color she wanted. Being pregnant and planning a nursery is a big deal, and when you throw decision-making into the mix it makes the whole thing harder.
She wanted yellow but nothing too soft and nothing too bright. I searched images online and found a picture of a cute mustard yellow skirt. It was exactly what she wanted!
To quote Krista she said, “It’s like you pulled that out of my brain”.
Of course, the color isn’t exactly the same as the skirt but it’s close and it inspired my color choice.
Where to shop:
Paint: body: Del Coronado Amber by Valspar. inlay: Antique White by General Finishes
Pulls: Hobby Lobby
Onsie: Target
Throw: Home Goods
Changing pad cover: Target (the center is waterproof!)
Arrow marquee: Michael’s
Wooden Crate: Home Goods
Vintage prints: book from Goodwill
J, hello, Alphabet sign: Michael’s – I glued paper to the wooden circle and painted the other wooden pieces
Let’s take one more look!
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