How to Create a Whitewash Finish

When I shared my Whitewashed Coastal Inspired Dresser I promised a tutorial on how I achieved the look. I fantasized about making this great video tutorial including tons of detail with pretty lighting and pictures. In reality, that didn’t happen and I settled on a post with only pictures. Hopefully, it will give you the overall idea of creating this whitewash finish. Remember to play around with your technique and use my tutorial as a guide to help you get started. I promise this is so easy and anyone can get this look!

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Whitewashed Coastal Inspired Dresser

I stepped outside of my traditional paint style with this dresser and I have to say that I am so happy I did!
I’ve had this dresser for a while and it’s been sitting around waiting on repairs. I was putting off removing the cracked veneer on the side. During my procrastination period I came up with the idea of adding wood planks.

This might have been the best idea I have ever had!

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Sneak Peek: Baby Boyer Nursery

My clients nursery is almost complete but instead of waiting until it’s all put together I want to share a little sneak peek. She did a marvelous job on designing her baby boys nursery. I’m so grateful she asked me to help her with the changing table.
Hope you’re okay with seeing lots of nursery pictures!
They are all adorable and so cute… how could you not love it?

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