Tealicious Small Table- Themed Furniture Makeover

WOW, I’m surprised I even remember how to write a blog post. I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I shared a furniture makeover. It’s good to be back!

In my absence, I joined a small group of bloggers who share a themed furniture makeover project once a month. This month the theme is: Small Table Makeover.

blue side table helen nichole designs

blue side table helen nichole designs-

blue side able helen nichole designs -4

 The color is a custom mix that has had colors added to it overtime. I couldn’t begin to tell you what colors are but I do know they are all general finishes milk paint.

On Facebook I asked for help naming the color and there were a ton of good suggestions! The color is a little darker after it dried but I still think 90% of the suggestions would have worked with the darker shade.

paint color nameI think the color difference is also due to the lighting and editing. I took this picture with a lot of natural light and the white bowl reflects a lot of light too.

Here are a few of my favorite name suggestions:

  • Wedgwood chalk
  • Tealosophy
  • Melancholy
  • Blue Bisque (mainly because it had the word bisque and I love lobster bisque)
  • Favorite T-shirt
  • Sinatra
  • Evobluetion (meaning this custom mix of blue has evolved with me adding colors. SO smart)!

The name I picked was Tealicious because it’s fun and I think it describes the color perfectly!

I must apologize for the quick staging. I think long and hard on how I want to stage a piece of furniture but this time was the exception. I was running on fumes, I was short on time and sunlight for decent pictures, and I didn’t realize the mistakes until it was too late. Why I chose white roses against a white wall is beyond me. Oh well, let’s look past that mistake and look at the pretty tealicious table!
blue side table helen nichole designs-
blue side table - helen nichole designs

I stripped the top and used a Minwax gel stain on the top. The base was painted with a custom mix of General Finishes milk paint.

blue side table Collage

Make sure to visit my friends to see their small table makeovers.
I was inspired and I know you will be too. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Tealicious Small Table- Themed Furniture Makeover

  1. Pam the Goatherd says:

    I love that color! I wonder if I took it to a paint store to be colormatched if they could get it right…

  2. Meegan says:

    I just love the color and the details tealicious is an awesome name. Blue is my fave color-this looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. xoxo

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